"Love Has No Number" Body Positivity Enamel Pin

"Love Has No Number" Body Positivity Enamel Pin

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It doesn't matter what the number is on the scale or measuring tape. EveryBODY is deserving of love from others and from themselves! This pin celebrates all body types, shapes, and sizes, including yours, you gorgeous thing!

  • Hard enamel with rose gold plating
  • Longest dimension approximately 1.5"
  • Two rubber backings

Our pins are made by hand and as a result may have minor imperfections. Please read our pin grading guidelines for more information.

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This pin was created as part of The Self Sense Project. A portion of sales will be donated to NEDA.

Message from Natalie, founder of The Self Sense Project:

The Self-Sense Project was founded on the basis that every human is beautiful and that every body is valuable. When I was diagnosed with an eating disorder two years ago, I lost my sense of self because I had conditioned myself into believing that my worth was solely determined by my size. In reality, we have the power to establish our worth, and no one should have the ability to influence how you view yourself. Self love begins in the mind. You are more than your appearance, and you are capable of achieving anything you set your heart to do. There is much to love about yourself, but I know that having a strong sense of who you are comes with time. I hope this pin would remind you to be kind to yourself and to see that you deserve to be happy in your own body. Thank you so much for supporting my project and for supporting others on their journey to self-acceptance.